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Richard Menneveux

Sans être une victime de la mode, vous pouvez néanmoins varier les noeuds. Jean François Gateau (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jf.gateau) nous propose un petit guide sur le sujet. Ainsi le demi Windsor, le Prat et le Fink n'auront plus de secret pour vous.

Il distille également sur son site l'histoire de cet accessoire né au milieu du 17ème siècle.


Marco Pesch

Indeed, there are many other variations on tieing your tie. How about not wearing a tie? Is it absolutely necessary to wear a tie? On causal Friday's, it is not appropriate to wear a tie. It of course depends on the situation and the occasion, but some people believe a tie is old fashion and get rid of it.

For some occasions of course, you cannot go without a tie. Therefore these hints and tips on tieing your tie.


Usually you know movies that a sequel are not worth paying extra dollar! But BOURNE is totaly worth it! I was impressed!


what a great knot to master


how to tie a tie


This picture was just great! Just learned how to tie my tie thanks to the image, thank you so much!




very valuable picture, just learned how to tie my tie for a wedding today! please, never remove this posting!! :)



air yeezy

Je vais préparer et un jour ma chance viendra..

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Juste une question, est ce que l'autoportrait, et le combo de couleur doivent être sur une page 40x40 ou d'autres formats sont acceptés?



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